ACT FAST: Our next training begins soon!

ACT FAST: Our next training begins soon!


Become Trained and Certified as a Higher Brain Living Facilitator!

Start a new career unlocking the brain’s Zenith Mode Network and unleash a new era of human potential, or simply add Higher Brain Living® to your existing wellness practice and revolutionize it!





Watch the video below and see stunning actual live footage of Higher Brain Living®’s Inner Organic Technology® Activation (IOTA) sessions catalyzing a shift from the lower brain to a newly-proposed, higher network in our brain, the Zenith Mode Network (ZMN).

Dive into the transformative world of Higher Brain Living® with our inspiring video from the New Human University’s PraxisAletheia event. This showcase is more than just an event recap; it’s a window into the powerful changes you can catalyze as a Higher Brain Living Facilitator.

While PraxisAletheia offers a deep dive into personal growth, the primary focus here is on the exceptional skills and techniques of Higher Brain Living. This event captures the essence of what you can achieve through our facilitator training – empowering transformations that resonate deeply with both practitioners and recipients.

The New Human University is renowned for its pivotal role in developing skilled Higher Brain Living Facilitators. Each expert featured in this video has been meticulously trained and certified, embodying the profound impact of our program. Are you ready to step into a role that changes lives, including your own? Whether you’re seeking a fulfilling new career path or looking to enhance your existing wellness practice, Higher Brain Living presents a unique and rewarding opportunity.

Discover how you can be part of this groundbreaking movement. Learn more about our facilitator training program and take the first step towards unlocking your potential and the potential of those around you.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Healing and Self-Development?

Are you a healer, a life coach, a yoga teacher, a plant medicine practitioner or someone deeply entrenched in the world of personal development and wellness? Have you ever wondered why, despite your best efforts and the good work you do, the transformative impact you envisioned providing for others continues to seem just out of reach for them? You’re not alone in this quest. Millions seek self-improvement and healing, yet true, lasting transformation remains elusive for many.

The world is brimming with healing modalities and self-help systems. Yet, our collective consciousness is weighed down by stress, disconnection, and a yearning for change that seems to be perpetually unfulfilled. The question arises: Why isn’t the profound change we all seek taking root?

The Key Lies Within: Understanding the Lower Brain’s Grip

The answer to this conundrum lies deep within our neurology. It’s in the lower brain – an ancient guardian originally designed for survival. In a world where sameness equaled safety, this part of our brain was a crucial ally. But in the complexities of the 21st century, what once protected us now unwittingly constrains us. Each new challenge, every unfamiliar scenario, is met with resistance by this primal brain, holding us back from our true potential. Without changing the brain, life remains mostly unchanged, regardless of the extent of mainstream medicine, therapy, yoga, energy work, or alternative therapies utilized.

A Call to Evolutionary Leaders: Be the Change

The self-development industry is ripe for a groundbreaking upgrade, one that meets the overwhelm of our times with an innovative solution. This is a clarion call to those poised to make a real difference. Step into your power as a transformative agent in a world that is hungry for change. Higher Brain Living® isn’t just a practice; it’s a science-based revolution in human potential, perfect for igniting a new career path or supercharging your existing wellness practice.


Envision a New Reality: Your Role in Shaping Futures

Imagine paving the way for a life that transcends the ordinary for both you and your clients. Envision a reality where freedom, success, purpose, and extraordinary possibilities are not just dreams but tangible outcomes. This is about redefining human potential – tapping into a realm of capabilities that lie dormant within us all.

If you’re embedded in the wellness industry, it’s time to reflect. Despite the myriad of healing systems and self-development methods at our disposal, why does progress seem stagnant? Why are individuals still grappling with stress, a lack of meaning, and dissatisfaction? The reason is more profound than the methods – it’s about the very foundation of change, the transformation that begins within the brain.

Higher Brain Living® Certification

Your Pathway to Becoming a Vanguard of Change

Higher Brain Living® offers you a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this transformative wave. As a facilitator of this revolutionary approach, you will not only guide others to their highest selves but also embark on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

“This training will change you, will change the world around you. If you feel called to make an impact, this is it… I have been trained in a variety of healing modalities and therapy techniques in addition to my education in Psychology, Social Work, and Trauma Studies…I’ve never been to any other training where I’ve learned a technique as revolutionary as this… Above all, this training is an experience of humanity as we ought to be, an experience of a new culture that we are actually creating. Wow!”   — Cheryl T, 35 years of age

Breaking Free from the Lower Brain’s Grip: Embrace Evolution with Higher Brain Living®

At the heart of our collective stagnation lies a profound truth – we are bound by an evolutionary paradox. The lower brain, our primal guardian, once a symbol of survival, now shackles us to the mundane, fueling a relentless craving for ‘sameness’ that equates to safety. This ancient circuitry, while crucial in a bygone era, inadvertently stifles our true potential in today’s world.

But there’s a breakthrough waiting to unfold.

In the intricate dance of existence, our loftiest aspirations often succumb to the fear-driven narratives of the lower brain. This antiquated neural command center orchestrates our reactions, shapes our relationships, and even governs our rational thoughts, perpetuating a state of perpetual survival mode. Research reveals that nearly 90% of medical doctor office visits stem from the stress physiology of the lower brain. This self-perpetuating cycle not only constrains the transformative potential of various healing and self-development practices but also obstructs our personal growth, preventing us from embracing the extraordinary life we are destined to lead.

Yet, within us lies a beacon of hope – the Higher Brain. This majestic realm, ripe with untapped potential, is engineered for transcendence, joy, and profound interconnectedness. It’s the seat of our most elevated experiences, where ordinary moments are alchemized into instances of deep beauty and meaningful connection.

Alas, for most of us, this extraordinary cerebral domain remains dormant, overshadowed by the persistent drumbeat of the lower brain’s survival impulses.

It’s time to liberate ourselves from the confines of this archaic neural stronghold. Higher Brain Living® offers a path to awaken and empower the Higher Brain. This revolutionary approach is not just about healing or self-improvement; it’s about fundamentally shifting the center of our neural universe.

  • The Lower Brain Dilemma: Traditionally a safe haven, our lower brain now triggers stress, fear, and reactionary behavior. Its outdated principle of “sameness equals safety” binds us to anxiety, stagnation, and unfulfillment.
  • The Higher Brain’s Promise: Within us lies a Higher Brain, a domain unexplored, rich in growth, creativity, joy, and expansive consciousness. When awakened, it can elevate our existence to one of flourishing, purpose, and profound connectedness.

The Solution: Unveiling Higher Brain Living®’s Inner Organic Technology® Activation to catalyze the Zenith Mode Network of the Higher Brain.

Higher Brain Living® (HBL) and Inner Organic Technology® Activation (IOTA) offer a groundbreaking solution in the realm of healing and self-development. This unique approach plays a pivotal role in activating and evolving the Zenith Mode Network (ZMN), a hypothesis that proposes a transformative shift in human brain function.

The world has evolved rapidly, but our brains haven’t kept pace. We need to upgrade our brain’s operating system – from the primitive lower brain, focused on survival, to the Higher Brain, where our true potential lies. This is where Higher Brain Living® and IOTA come into play.

Welcome to the forefront of a neuroscience revolution, where the Zenith Mode Network (ZMN) emerges through the groundbreaking practice of Higher Brain Living® and its Inner Organic Technology Activation (IOTA). This transformation isn’t just progress; it’s a profound leap into new realms of human potential.

What is the ‘Zenith Mode Network (ZMN)’ of the Higher Brain hypothesis?:

The ‘Zenith Mode Network (ZMN)’ hypothesis introduces a transformative concept in neuroscience, proposing a distinct ‘higher brain’ network crucial for advanced cognitive processing and emotional empowerment. Unlike the Default Mode Network (DMN), ZMN is activated by directing energy towards higher brain structures, potentially transitioning from a temporary state to a permanent trait, signifying a major shift in brain function towards transcendent and higher consciousness states. This activation involves key areas responsible for executive functions and emotional regulation, leading to enhanced cognitive capabilities, rejuvenation, and a deeply empowered emotional state. Supported indirectly by current research, the ZMN hypothesis marks a significant theoretical advancement in neuroscience, suggesting a future of profound improvements in human cognitive and emotional potential and overall well-being.


EEG Study Done on Actual Higher Brain Living® Clients

The findings demonstrated:

  • 36% increased magnitude in the brain after 7 HBL IOTA sessions.
  • Increased energy and changes in brain waves following HBL IOTA sessions.
  • Decreased ’noise’ and recipient reported increased clarity following HBL IOTA sessions.
  • Increased coherence suggesting better brain communication and faster information processing following HBL IOTA sessions.

What is Inner Organic Technology®?

The concept of ‘Inner Organic Technology’ (IOT) is an intriguing hypothesis in the field of human physiology and neuroscience. It suggests the existence of a latent physiological system within the human body that, when activated, can significantly enhance healing, rejuvenation, stress reduction, and boost cognitive and emotional capabilities.

Nature and Functionality of IOT

  • Latent Physiological System: IOT is theorized as an inherent system within every individual, yet it remains largely dormant or underutilized in daily life.
  • Stress Reduction and Healing: When activated, IOT is believed to significantly lower stress levels and enhance the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Cognitive and Emotional Enhancement: It is also suggested that IOT activation can lead to heightened cognitive functions and emotional well-being.

Mechanism of Action

  • Interaction with Subtle Energy Systems: IOT is thought to interface with the body’s subtle energy systems, like meridians or nadis, which are central to Eastern medicinal practices and yogic traditions.
  • Catalyzing Neurochemical Changes: This interaction is hypothesized to cause significant shifts in the brain’s neurochemistry and electrical activity.
  • Unlocking Brain Potential: The activation potentially opens pathways to lesser-used areas of the brain, particularly those associated with the Zenith Mode Network (ZMN), facilitating a higher state of cognitive and emotional functioning.

Scientific Perspectives

  • Collagen as a Conductor: The hypothesis draws on the understanding that collagen, a key component of connective tissue, acts as a semiconductor, forming an integrated network for inter-organism communication.
  • Piezoelectric Properties of Connective Tissue: Connective tissue is also noted for its piezoelectric properties, meaning it can generate electric fields when mechanically compressed or stretched, potentially playing a role in IOT activation.
  • Non-Linearity of the Body’s System: Dr. James Oschman highlights the non-linear nature of the body’s systems. This non-linearity suggests that specific, targeted energy applications can lead to significant and stable changes in the body’s structure and activity patterns, aligning with the principles of IOT.
In summary, ‘Inner Organic Technology’ represents a fusion of traditional holistic understanding and modern scientific inquiry, proposing a system within the human body that, when activated, could profoundly impact overall health and well-being. It stands at the intersection of neuroscience, physiology, and energy medicine.


Harnessing IOT for Body Wide Rejuvenation & Cognitive/Emotional Evolution

Higher Brain Living® offers a unique approach to tap into this inner organic technology. The activation of Inner Organic Technology is a key component of the HBL approach. It involves specific techniques, such as precise light touch contacts, designed to stimulate and ‘prime’ these latent systems, facilitating a flow of energy within the body. This mobilization of energy is believed to lead to the activation of higher brain structures and awaken the ZMN, thereby reducing the stress response, rejuvenating the body and potentially enabling higher levels of consciousness and cognitive functioning.

“As far as EEG goes a recording is considered valid for a year, meaning it shouldn’t change much, but what I’ve found and others, is that the EEG changes significantly within 20 minutes of the first Higher Brain Living® session.”  — Alison Ooms M.S., PhD candidate and former director of Higher Brain Living® research

Are you ready to be a Higher Brain Living® Faciliator? Envision this:

You stand at the crossroads of a bustling metropolis, skyscrapers stretching towards the heavens, the pulsating energy of a thousand dreams crisscrossing around you. The urban cacophony harmonizes with the serene whispers of ancient wisdom echoing in the recesses of your soul. Here, amidst the relentless march of the digital age, you feel a pull – a yearning that dances on the fringes of memory, a call to deeper meaning and purpose.

With each heartbeat, your essence aligns, echoing with an age-old rhythm, preparing you to unlock a transformative secret. This secret isn’t written in forgotten tomes or hidden in remote monasteries. It’s a force that’s been nestled within us, waiting for its moment to shine: the Inner Organic Technology Activation (IOTA).

But this journey transcends mere self-awareness. As a beacon of Higher Brain Living®, your deft hands, sharpened intuition, and deep knowledge are keys to this hidden realm.

As the city’s lights shimmer around you, casting shadows and painting tales of countless souls, are you ready to be the luminary, the vanguard, leading the charge in this transformative odyssey?

Higher Brain Living® Facilitator Testimonials

Posted in Our Community Group

“I have never done business with a company more authentic and true to its mission…”

“I have never felt quite so on target in my life as I do right now. Grateful is an understatement. Thank you, Dr. Michael Cotton, and all of you who paved the way for those of us who are fresh out of training!”

“I Am becoming more and more successful every day! My HBL clientele is growing. Lives are transforming. I am evolving and I Am GRATEFUL!”

“What’s changed for me is I now realize it’s not about me, my business, or the money – it’s about doing what it takes to help each client change their life and standing firm where/when needed, looking the client in the eye with full integrity and conviction…for THEIR benefit.”

“I am pretty darn excited… Last week I did 6 sample sessions. Two of my clients paid in full for the full-program after their 2nd session. Another two clients are having their 2nd session this week and are both totally jazzed about signing up for the full program.”

“After being self-employed for 14 years the structure of HBL is giving me the platform for creating my dreams and assisting others…”

“I have already delivered over 500 client sessions in the last year and I have learned a LOT! I have found that the more committed I am to my clients’ success and my own daily practice, the more I attract clients who are committed to the process.”

“…I am still getting calls this week for HBL sessions. I know it wasn’t your primary purpose to create clients, but NYC is receiving that benefit. Thank you! There are so many people here, it seems, that are really eager to grow into this.”

“Damn! This shit works! …there is no greater joy than the feeling when something resonates.”

“I am a one man show, NO entrepreneur background or experience, no client lists to work from – only me, my passion and my clarity…and it has been remarkable!”
“I KNOW in my core that without HBL, there is nothing that would have brought me to this beautiful, amazing person that I AM today.”

“I have experienced a shift in consciousness I never dreamed I would experience in this lifetime. And they keep coming, and keep coming. I do my work and I benefit tremendously. I do my work and my CLIENTS benefit tremendously. I do my work and the world changes…”

“I love this tribe!! You have no idea how often I connect with all of you! I am grateful for all of us for stepping up and stepping out.”

“We were celebrating more than 1 year of Higher Brain Living® facilitating and 1 year since opening the Eagan Center. So so grateful. And it’s only just beginning.”
“Blown away. I speak of Higher Brain Living® and the leader of the group says she wants me to speak to a UN organization focused on consciousness. I say “yes!””

“Dr. ‪Cotton, that confidence and certainty about the research, and how it all ties into a compelling, uplifting, and motivating story of evolution and where we’re heading and the *unknown possibilities* really woke me up and lit a fire under me!”

“Thank you to all involved and thank you Michael Cotton for being in this life with me and on this journey. What a gift!”

“I love my life and owe it all to Higher Brain Living®. It set me on the path of being an empowered woman… As far as my clients go, I receive thanks and the deepest gratitude for what I am doing. Two just finished their program yesterday and hugged me saying “priceless”. That’s what I offer through Higher Brain Living®.”
“Filled with gratitude for this work! Thank you Dr. Cotton! You’re a freaking genius!”

“…all 3 clients were blown away by personal amazing experiences on the table (one even had a powerful tearful release).”

“Higher Brain Living® is a community in our town.”
“I love my Center, and Higher Brain Living® is front and center in my life. Since returning from Recertification, less than 48 hours ago, I have facilitated seven people, two of which are new. And tomorrow I will be facilitating three more people, two of which will be experiencing their first session.”
“We had the best month since opening…”

“I count myself incredibly fortunate to be on the leading edge like this. Thank you so much for everything you do for us, for the movement, and for humanity! I cannot wait for your book to come out!”

“Thank you! I’m embracing the truth of it all. I continue to rock it in my corner over here. We do have everything we need and it works! The path was paved. And still, we’ve only just begun.”

“A delight to be in this tribe and to support this movement! Thank you and much love!”

“…As I watch this Revolution unfold I am continuously reminded how big and important and real it is. I am more committed with each passing day and thrilled to be on this Hero’s Journey.”
“I’ve never seen such a comprehensive program such as this, to date.”

“I count myself incredibly fortunate to be on the leading edge like this. Thank you so much for everything you do for us, for the movement, and for humanity! I cannot wait for your book to come out!”

“I know this system, and it works. Not for just a few, it works for everyone who DOES IT!!”

Uniqueness of Higher Brain Living®

In this fast-paced world, where ancient wisdom often gets lost amidst modern noise, Higher Brain Living® emerges as a beacon of evolution, inviting you on a quest to unlock realms of unparalleled transformation. Discussing the uniqueness of HBL without seeming to diminish the value of other practices is a delicate balance. However, the uniqueness of HBL, particularly in these crisis times, cannot be understated. The Zenith Mode Network (ZMN) is a concept developed based on remarkable life changes observed in HBL clients and the distinct brain changes seen through EEG measurements. These changes set HBL apart from other modalities.

Furthermore, while HBL draws upon the ancient wisdom of energy mobilization – a concept integral to many healing practices – it advances these ideas into a unique domain. The specific energetic complex facilitated by HBL is so distinctive that the ‘Inner Organic Technology’ term applied to it has been officially recognized and trademarked by the US federal government, underscoring the novel nature of this approach. As an HBL Facilitator, you will be engaging with a process that is not just innovative but also recognized for its unique contribution to the field of human development.

In summary, Higher Brain Living® is not merely an alternative or an addition to existing transformational methods. It represents a groundbreaking approach, validated by scientific research, and recognized for its unique contribution to the evolution of human potential. As you step into the role of an HBL facilitator, you are not just learning a technique; you are embracing a revolutionary journey towards unlocking human potential at its zenith.

Higher Brain Living: Transforming Lives in the Modern Era

At Higher Brain Living®, we’re not just about innovative ideas; we’re about creating real, tangible change. Our approach is backed by solid scientific research, and we’re proud to share the impact and legacy we’ve built in the modern world.

Remarkable Brain Transformations Witnessed at Dr. Penny Montgomery’s Los Angeles Brain Center – A Testimony to Higher Brain Living®

“Phenomenal changes in the brain at exactly the right times with a transition from one state to the other in the prefrontal cortex. I am amazed, I am blown away!”

Penny Montgomery PhD, Neuropsychologist, Brain Researcher, and Co-author of “WHISPERS FROM THE BRAIN”

Groundbreaking Scientific Recognition

Our pioneering work in brain development and well-being has caught the attention of prestigious academic circles. A prime example is the study hosted through the University of Iowa, a respected American academic institution, which provided substantial empirical evidence supporting the efficacy of the Higher Brain Living® approach.


Key Findings of the University of Iowa Study

This groundbreaking research, published in a peer-reviewed journal and available on PubMed, highlights several transformative outcomes experienced by participants of Higher Brain Living®:

  • Significant elevations in feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Enhanced sense of existential purpose and fulfillment.
  • Mastery over life’s adversities and challenges.
  • A notable increase in the potential to flourish and thrive.
  • A series of other evolutionary breakthroughs.

The peer reviewed study concluded, “HBL demonstrates efficacy in improving well-being, as seen in the significant improvements in mastery, flourishing, and happiness… This study lays the groundwork for understanding HBL’s effectiveness in enhancing overall well-being.”

A Heartfelt Reminder: The Importance of Choosing Higher Brain Living®

Yet, amidst the exciting findings above, a poignant truth emerges. Those who embraced Higher Brain Living® experienced all these remarkable benefits, redefining their lives with more meaning, happiness, and mastery. In contrast, those in the study’s “control group” who did NOT engage with HBL did not merely remain static; their well-being declined, as depicted in the study’s findings.

This stark contrast serves as a compelling call to action. It highlights the urgency and necessity of the work we do at Higher Brain Living® and underscores the profound impact of our approach on individuals’ lives.

In this video, you will hear Dr. Michael Cotton presenting the implications of the stunning Higher Brain Living® Research article recently published in a peer-reviewed journal and available through the National Institute of Mental Health’s PubMed database.

Please note Michael is passionate and unfiltered in this presentation. He’s not holding back on the significance of this work. Don’t watch if you are easily offended!

There are many paths, but Higher Brain Living® is truly Unique.

Embrace the Higher Brain Living® Revolution

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in personal growth and cognitive evolution, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Higher Brain Living® offers a path to a more fulfilled, empowered existence.

Choose to be part of this revolution. Choose Higher Brain Living®.

“I’m so grateful to be a part of the SOLUTION in a struggling world. I spent a decade working on inpatient psychiatry units at a large metro hospital and became despondent, realizing that I was actually contributing to “the problem.” I felt morally obligated to find, practice, and BE a part of the solutions. Being a Higher Brain Living Facilitator has granted me this privilege and I’m so grateful…and so are my clients! Clients often shed tears of gratitude as they hug me tight after their sessions, while they’re thanking God. If this isn’t living the dream, I don’t know what is.” — Cheryl W.

Embark on Your Journey as a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator:

Comprehensive Training Programs

Welcome to the gateway of transformation. As you step into the role of a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, you embark on a journey of personal and professional evolution. Our meticulously structured training programs are designed to empower you with profound knowledge and practical skills.

“Many so-called spiritual leaders are, to me, just storytellers. Look closely and you won’t find a truly transformational process to follow. Those that claim to have been “enlightened” are in the same category—they have a deeply moving experience and spend their lives telling everyone about it, but where’s the process that gets you there and where are the people who have been transformed? Dr. Michael Cotton, however, has found a way for people to get there, to actually transform. It’s not just a good story, it’s an actual process that has been proven to work on thousands of people, and the world needs this, now more than ever!   — Mitch Russo, Former CEO of Tony Robbins Business Breakthroughs International, Author of Power Tribes and The Invisible Organization, two-time nominee for Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year”

Standard Training and Certification Program

Program Duration Options


Fast Track

Complete the program in as little as 8 intensive weeks, perfect for those ready to dive deep and accelerate their learning.


Extended Journey

Or spread your learning over up to 12 months in a more self-paced setting, offering flexibility to integrate your training with life’s other commitments.

Program Components

Online Learning

Begin immediately. Engage in enriching online content, designed to be user-friendly and highly interactive. (Expect 168 hours of training including online content, study time, and testing.)

Live Immersive Experience

Participate in 32 hours of transformative live training, spread across 4 days of immersive, in-person engagement.

Upcoming Hands-On Trainings:

  • Chicago, June 2nd-5th, 2024, OR
  • Miami Area, September 15th-18th, 2024 (exact location will be announced soon)

Tuition Investment


Enrollment Fee

$7,000 (installment options available)

Scholarship Opportunities

A limited number of partial scholarships are available for eligible candidates, making this journey accessible to more changemakers.

Curriculum Focus

Initial Exploration

Delve into the foundational aspects of Tiers 1 and 2 of Higher Brain Living®.

Deep Dive into IOTA

Gain in-depth understanding and hands-on experience with Inner Organic Technology® Activation (IOTA).

How to Guide Clients

Guide clients through a holistic integral life application of their new higher capacities

Flexible Learning Paths

Choose between an 8-week intensive course or an extended learning phase (up to 12 months), tailored to your learning style and pace.

“I couldn’t not do it. It was that simple. There are few moments in life that we experience a true sense of awe and wonder. Learning this technique and seeing your positive effect on others (even during the training) is so rare and priceless.”   — Kristin A. 37 years of age

Advanced Training and Certification Program

Elevate Your Skills with the Advanced Higher Brain Living® Training and Certification

Step into the next phase of your transformative journey with our Advanced Training and Certification program. Tailored for those who have completed the Standard Training, this program is designed to deepen your expertise and elevate you the next level in Higher Brain Living® techniques.

Program Duration Options


Accelerated Path

Complete the advanced training in as little as 4 focused weeks (in addition to Standard Training), ideal for those eager to rapidly expand their skills.


Extended Option

Or opt for a more gradual, self-paced approach with up to 6 months (in addition to Standard Training) to delve deeper into the complexities of the program.

Program Components

Interactive Online Learning

Begin immediately. Engage in enriching online content, designed to be user-friendly and highly interactive. (Expect 76 hours of training including online content, study time, and testing.)

Live Immersive Experience

Participate in 24 hours of transformative live training, spread across 3 days of intensive, in-person training that offers hands-on practice and nuanced understanding.

Upcoming Hands-On Trainings:

  • Chicago, June 2nd-8th, 2024, OR
  • Miami Area, September 15th-21st, 2024 (exact location will be announced soon)

Tuition Investment


Enrollment Fee

$5,000 (installment options available)

*BUNDLED DISCOUNT: Save over $2,000. Combine the Standard and Advanced training for a total of $10,000!

Scholarship Opportunities

A select number of partial scholarships are available for those who qualify, offering financial support for dedicated practitioners.

Curriculum Focus

Comprehensive Understanding

Gain complete command over Tiers 1, 2, and 3 of the Higher Brain Living® methodology.

IOTA Advanced

Elevate your proficiency to become an IOTA maestro, capable of delivering profound transformational experiences.

Leading Your Clients

Help your clients unleash the fierce purpose of their Authentic Self in the world. Through this process you will become known in your community as a leading-edge healer and transformational specialist.

Extended Learning Journey

For those who bundle with the Standard Training, embark on an educational journey taking up to 18 months, including an enlightening 7-day live intensive experience.

Our Advanced Training and Certification program offers more than just a learning experience – it’s a gateway to becoming a leader in the field of transformational wellness. Importantly, prior experience in the healing arts or self-development industry is not a prerequisite for this journey. We have a comprehensive approach to training that makes the Higher Brain Living® method accessible and effective, even for those with no prior experience. This program is designed to empower you, equipping you with the confidence and proficiency needed to guide others on their paths toward self-actualization and higher consciousness.

By joining this program, you’re not just enhancing your skills; you’re stepping into a role of significant influence. You’ll be part of a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human potential and wellness. As a Higher Brain Living® facilitator, your impact will extend far beyond individual sessions – you’ll be contributing to a larger movement that’s reshaping the landscape of personal development and holistic health.

Embrace this opportunity to expand your horizons and become a beacon of evolution in the Higher Brain Living® community. Together, we’re not just changing lives – we’re spearheading a revolution in the way people access and experience their innate potential for growth, fulfillment, and transformation.”

“I signed up for training never having experienced the process myself. My first experience of the process was in a room with over 100 people. I volunteered to be a demo for the technique training. The lead trainer began to execute some of the steps of a session. My body exploded with energy… Until that moment I had never experienced anything that profound. It was almost beyond belief. Training continued in that vein for the entire process. The trainers were amazing, talented, accessible, available and wonderfully authentic.”   — Jim C., 50 years of age

Experience a SNEAK PEEK into “Hands-On Higher Brain Living® Training”

You’ll even see Michael teaching hands-on techniques to Mastery Level Facilitators. Mind-blowing demo and testimonial!

“I LOVE being a Higher Brain Living Facilitator… I pinch myself sometimes, just to make sure I’m not dreaming. I am honored to be part of this Sacred movement, which facilitates Higher Consciousness through the physical realm – making Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Connection available to us all. I have had training as a shamanic practitioner, in past life regression, and in Astrology. Higher Brain Living far exceeds any other training I have experienced. The self-growth process itself was amazing.”   — Michelle D., 56 years of age

Your Higher Brain Living® Instructors

Dr. Michael Cotton

Founder and CEO of Higher Brain Living®, The New Human University, Source Code Meditation, SCAI

Read More

I have devoted over 30 years to studying human potential, focusing on the creation of organic human technologies that free energy in the body and awaken the brain. I am an Integral Metatheorist and use the integral framework to support all of my creations. I am a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain.

Laura Cotton

Master’s Program through the NHU, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Director of Events, Creator of SC Yoga
Read More

I am the Director of the Mentor Program and Director of Events at The New Human University, creator of Source Code Yoga (with nearly 20 years of yoga teaching experience), and I am a member of Dr. Cotton’s elite team of Facilitators. I’ve been at the forefront of guiding individuals toward elevated consciousness for over 15 years.

Gabriel Braaten-Lee

PhD Canditate through the NHU, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Head Practitioner at the SCAI

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I am a Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator on Dr. Cotton’s elite team of Facilitators and Head Practitioner at the Source Code Alchemy Institute. My background in military, pre-med education, and business has deeply prepared me for this work and helps me contribute a breadth of spiritual, scientific and Integral knowledge.

Dr. Steven Giron

Director of Training and Education, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Former Quantum Physicist

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I instruct classes in physics and applied metaphysics at The NHU and am part of Dr. Cotton’s elite team of Facilitators. I have served as an adjunct professor of physics and as a science advisor in a law firm, and I have earned a Ph.D. in experimental elementary particle physics.

Michelle Hartman

Master’s Program through the NHU, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, Retreat Facilitator

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I’ve facilitated over 300 clients in my business as a Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator and I’m a member of Dr. Cotton’s elite team of Facilitators. I served 25 years in the medical field, the last 11 of those alongside a world renowned neurosurgical team, pioneering functional brain treatments.

Embarking on this journey as a Higher Brain Living® facilitator is more than just acquiring new skills; it’s about transforming lives, starting with your own. Our training program equips you with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to guide others towards unlocking their fullest potential. Join us, and be a part of this revolutionary movement.

Be part of our heart-connected community.

Embark on a journey with Higher Brain Living® that transcends the conventional. As a Facilitator in this transformative movement, you are not just acquiring a set of skills; you are stepping into a realm of profound evolution and empowerment. In essence, as a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, you are more than just a practitioner; you are a visionary leader, a transformative guide, and a pivotal player in the grand tapestry of human evolution. Your journey with us is just the beginning of a profound and impactful saga in reshaping consciousness and redefining potential.

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Are you drawn to a path that transcends the ordinary, where your actions ignite a radical transformation not just in individual lives but in the collective soul of humanity? If your heart resonates with the call to be an agent of evolutionary change, then Higher Brain Living® beckons you to a journey of profound significance.

There is a lot of information on this page, and it can be useful to boil it down to first principles. Here is the essence of what you really need to know: By completing our world-class training program, you will acquire the skills to employ a unique protocol, one that channels a specific code of information through touch. This innovative technique is crafted to direct energy to the dormant Higher brain, sparking an extraordinary awakening within – a process we call the Inner Organic Technology® Activation (IOTA).

As you facilitate these IOTA sessions for your clients, you will witness the unfolding of the Zenith Mode Network (ZMN), a groundbreaking development in the Higher Brain. This evolution marks the advent of a new neurological and consciousness baseline, known as the Z-State. In this state, rejuvenation is enhanced and life’s highest qualities – meaning, flourishing, and mastery – become tangible realities for those you guide.

With the ongoing programs you provide, the Z-State transitions from a theoretical concept to a tangible reality. Your clients will harness the power to transform every facet of their lives, encompassing fitness, relationships, finances, and even spirituality. What’s more, as a practitioner, you’ll find that Higher Brain Living® seamlessly integrates with your existing practices or stands as a compelling career path on its own, offering a comprehensive system for transformative growth.

So, the pertinent question is: Are you ready to offer this audacious opportunity to your friends, family, and community? Join us on this pioneering journey, where together we’ll explore and expand the untapped capabilities of the human brain and physiology as a foundation to redefine the potential of human consciousness and life mastery, ushering in a new era of personal and collective transformation.

Now is the time to heed this universal call. Enroll in our Higher Brain Living® training program. Embrace your destined role as a facilitator, a harbinger of transformation. Join hands with us, and together, let’s sculpt a radiant future illuminated by the transformative power of IOTA.

Every soul we reach, every life we elevate, brings us closer to a world awakened and alive with potential.

Is there a transformative path for those not interested in becoming a Facilitator or embarking on a new career?

Absolutely! Explore what we consider to be one of the most profound journeys of personal transformation, leading individuals to higher consciousness, new stages of development, and even enlightenment.

Step forward. Be the change. Shape the future. Join the Higher Brain Living® revolution.

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