Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Cotton, Creator and Founder of Higher Brain Living®.

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Cotton, Creator and Founder of Higher Brain Living®.

Nearly 30 years ago, passionate about finding the answers to the mysteries of human transformation, I began a great search. This process of discovery led me back 5,000 years to ancient India where spiritual masters were among the first to discover a mysterious energy in the human body.

They devoted their lives to techniques and practices that would awaken and direct a sacred energy to the brain, transforming our minds. They had stumbled upon a universal lock (our brain) and were searching for the key to end human suffering and despair.

They discovered an ‘enlightenment experience’—a departure from ordinary reality that was so radical it left the bewildered seeker with direct and immediate answers to questions like, “Who am I? Why am I here? What does it all mean?“ Attaining enlightenment felt as if they had been asleep their whole lives and had just woken from a dream. This level of consciousness imparted a sense of oneness, connection and belonging. This new state provided understanding on a deep and profound level beyond the rational mind. Devotees experienced a deep sense of being and bliss, along with a knowing about how everything in the universe fit together with wholeness and meaning. Sacred writings describing these advanced states of consciousness as so powerful, seekers gave up everything to pursue them.

Unfortunately, the ancient sages left no record of techniques or practices capable of consistently ushering in this higher consciousness for the masses.

Within all cultures, there have been rare individuals who left legacies in regard to enlightenment consciousness. From Christ, to Krishna, to the Buddha, the message was the same: ‘we can wake up to a new reality.’ These transformational leaders spoke to one universal truth—a direct merging of their individual consciousness with that of the Divine.

This higher consciousness has yet to fully emerge in any accessible way—but now, by connecting the elusive missing link, we’re closer than ever.

The missing link is the energized higher human brain.

Due to the slumbering nature of the Higher Brain and the paralyzing grip of the lower brain, nearly all mind, body and spirit techniques are fleeting and cannot fully deliver their full potential for change.

Ancient teachers provided a piece of the puzzle—a piece that connects modern neuroscience and Integral Theory. Now, Higher Brain Living® offers a pathway to consistent and reproducible transformation on a mass scale—one that liberates lives and paves the way for a new way to be and become.

I need you.

I need your hands, your head, your heart and mostly your passion. I need that burning passion that you have, to be a change agent in the world. Take the step to be a part of this revolution!

Michael Cotton

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