Higher Brain Living®

“Although the process is complicated and based on undisputable scientific research, Dr. Cotton simplifies the concepts so as to be accessible to any level of student. He is changing my life and many others. He is at the cutting edge of something huge and early participants will be foundational as this explodes worldwide.”

Dan Hostetler, Executive Director of Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center and Former Executive Director of The Parliament of the World’s Religions

“I had struggled with negativity bringing me down in all aspects of life. Since HBL, my blood pressure has fallen from borderline high to the low end of normal without making any dietary changes. HBL has led me to make peace with my negative-inducing triggers, leading to amazing positive things happening in my life.”

Cary Krostka, 41, System Administrator, Milwaukee, WI

“Since I started living in my Higher Brain, I noticed that I am kinder to myself and more accepting of other people. I’m more careful about the quality of my thoughts. I see myself as a unique human being worthy of everything that I dream of, capable of creating beautiful things and inspiring others.”

Kasia Prutis, 41, Operations Document Specialist, Milwaukee, WI

“A couple of months ago I specifically sought out a way to recondition my mind to operate primarily out of the frontal lobe, or neo-Cortex, in order to more effectively trade the stock market. In my first couple of sessions, I started to trade the market profitably without greed, fear, or compulsive trading negatively which had been affecting my trading. Needless to say, trading the stock market with your own life savings can be unusually stressful for most untrained professionals, and for quite a few professionals, as well. Now I can trade calmly and rationally without being affected by emotions.”

Mike Nopper

“I’m a believer in Higher Brain Living®. Being a conservative CPA, I was skeptical at first when I was told by other clients that their life had changed I had to try it for myself. Being a cancer survivor – six years in remission – and a Finance Director of for a major city, my life was full of stress. I, for the first time since before the cancer, overcame a cold three weeks ago without doctor’s assistance! I look forward to each week I come back.”

Ben, 39, Finance Director for a Leading U.S. City

“I’ve experienced more clarity, less stress, improved awareness and higher energy levels. The dramas in life have become non-issues. I am elated and highly recommend Higher Brain Living!”

Robert Lawn, President & CEO

“This is nothing short of a miracle!!! I feel happier, calmer, more present. I see the potential to be the best version of myself, because of the many benefits I have noticed already. First one being: I think more clearly! I have been plagued all my life with something like ADD, meaning it’s hard for me to get organized and stay focused. Well, at tax three weeks ago, after one session of Higher Brain Living, I was organized, everything in a neat box, my desk clear, and everything ready to go to the accountant.”

Lisa Desilva

“I’ve had an AWAKENING! I always struggled with high stress, but with Higher Brain Living, I INSTANTLY felt stress free. And the best part was that I learned how to maintain this feeling on my own. Being able to identify the hot spots in my life and blast through them with confidence and a positive attitude has allowed me to experience what I believe is the key to life…HAPPINESS. This work is truly a blessing!”

Shannon Carney, Fitness Studio Owner

“Since beginning Higher Brain Living sessions I am exercising more, feel healthier, have increased my income five-fold and have expanded my circle of friends. I continue to journey into a deeper experience of life, beauty, balance and love.”

Betsy Odya, Real Estate Broker

“What I have noticed most is the level of calm I feel on a daily basis.I love this technique! I’ve now had 8 sessions and am experiencing all kinds of benefits so far. I feel a greater sense of peace, more relaxation in my body, some weight loss, less menstrual pain, more clarity of thought and the ability to be more authentic when expressing myself. The benefits are endless and different for everyone but it’s amazing to say the least!”

Joanna Withey