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You are personally invited to join our community and learn the most transformative, personal development technique on the planet. Become a trained and certified Facilitator and do the work you were born to do!


What’s the process?

The prerequisite to training and certification is a year-long personal transformation program. This is for two reasons: (1) Before you can effectively transform the lives of others, you first must transform yourself, and (2) You will fully understand the technique and the profundity of the work, which will make you a more effective and passionate Facilitator. This personal transformation program is called PraxisAletheia, The Mystery School. It is completed through The New Human University (more info below). Upon successful completion of PraxisAletheia, you will then be eligible to move into Higher Brain Living® Training and Certification, which is a 6-month process, also done through The New Human University.


What is the The New Human University?

The New Human University (NHU) is an educational institution and community that promotes the advancement of latent, inner organic technologies, activating the higher human brain, creating new physiology and expressing new DNA. The ultimate objective of The New Human University is to promote vertical evolution of Consciousness into new Life Altitudes and spark a Revolution. The Revolution will end in a rebirth of the species as The NEW HUMAN.

The NHU curriculum includes certification in two revolutionary transformative practices. (1) The research-proven Higher Brain Living® third-wave healing and personal growth technique and (2) the new Source Code Meditation and the 9 Summits of Transformation, for which certification is being offered for the first time ever.

But The NHU is so much more than just education and training. The NHU is the catalyst for THE NEW HUMAN to emerge…through you, in you, and as you.


I’m really interested! What’s next?

The first step in the process would be to watch The New Human University’s free webinar on PraxisAletheia. You’ll learn about the program, what’s included (like before and after EEG brain scans, esoteric teachings, retreats, and so much more), current tuition costs and discounts, and how to apply.

While it’s great that you may be taking this step because you are interested in becoming trained and certified in Higher Brain Living®, it’s important that you are first and foremost passionate about learning the technique for your own personal transformation. That’s why discussion surrounding training during the interview will be kept to a minimum. The main focus of the interview will be kept on PraxisAletheia and what you will experience. (There will be a dive deep into training information in the second semester of PraxisAletheia.)

One last important thing to note – attending training is NOT required to experience PraxisAletheia. If you would like to attend for yourself, and exit at the end of the year as a “New Human”, you absolutely can! We will be so happy for you either way.

Start Your PraxisAletheia Journey

Click below to be redirected to The New Human University’s website. Please be sure to register for the free PraxisAletheia webinar—make watching it a priority! Remember, this is life-altering work, and it is extremely important.

We hope to see you listed as a Facilitator on our website next year!