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A new brain. A new beginning.

Higher-Brain-Living-FacilitatorHigher Brain Living® is based on the most progressive knowledge of 21st century neuroscience with roots in ancient wisdom that dates back to yogi mystics 5,000 ago.

The Higher Brain Living® Technique is a revolutionary gentle-touch technique that creates a surge of energy through the connective tissue of the body, loosening the grip of your primal fear-based ‘survival’ brain and shifting the energy into your prefrontal cortex, or Higher Brain, where your potential lives, helping you let go of stress and limitations and discover a life filled with Joy, passion and purpose.

For the first time in history, you can actually change the physiology of your brain in order to change your life.

During Higher Brain Livng Sessions, a Higher Brain Living Facilitator provides precise touch contacts in the right place, right time, at the right vector and in the right sequence. This produces a feedback mechanism in the body which creates a repeating surge of energy into the higher brain, creating a profoundly new life experience for our clients. Our power to change really is in our brain.

Moving Beyond Fear

Our lower brains fear change. It is a region of our brain that developed in a predator-rich environment, and it is extremely skilled at identifying possible danger in order to keep us alive.  Today, tigers no longer roam the landscape and it encourages an unnecessary state of hyper-vigilance, stress, anxiety and fear.

The one-of-a-kind Higher Brain Living® Technique literally frees your fear-based lower brain. The Higher Brain Living® System offers you the chance to create an extraordinary new life, to thrive, to let go of stress, anxiety and depression—and experience joy, confidence, purpose and passion while growing and evolving daily.



98% of clients report an improved life after experiencing our 22-step system.

This is not only change, this is vertical growth. A dramatically new life. Clients say they experience better relationships, greater financial freedom, increased work satisfaction, a healthier body and more. But this is more than simply a physiological change in your brain; Higher Brain Living® offers you the methodology and insight to create a lifelong map toward limitless and meaningful personal growth.


Higher Brain Living® is a vehicle for your potential to be realized.

Each session is paired with an advanced mapping system which gives you a pathway into your fearlessly authentic life. You’ll begin to create the unique life you’ve dreamed of. You’ll discover your purpose. With the innate intelligence of the Higher Brain activated, clients report everything from easier decision-making to deeper connections with everyone around them. We call this vertical growth. You’ll call it a new life. But none of this really expresses how profound an experience this is; one you truly need to experience to believe. One session; and your life begins to change.


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